Who are the hungry travellers?

Haja Nirina: Born in Madagascar, Haja  had the opportunity to travel the world through his involvement with a global conservation organization.

Technologist and avid photographer , he is also a certified diver and confirmed tennis player. On his spare time, he is helping to promote Madagascar as a main tourism destination for responsible and active travellers.

His interest for food has grown when he spent a few years in the multicultural city of Montreal. Once he started to travel the world, he became well known among his peers for being adventurous when it comes to tasting dishes. He often doesn’t know what he has in his plate, solely relying on recommendations from locals.

Aside typical Malagasy dishes, he has some preferences for Asian street food and French bistro fare.

Hasina Raza: Native from Madagascar, Hasina spent her first 18 years in this beautiful and flavorful island. She then moved to Montreal, where she spent a few years to pursue her post-secondary studies and truly appreciated the singular and multicultural features this french-speaking north american city has to offer. Over the years, her studies and her work led her to Paris, Barcelona, Mexico and Argentina. Passionate about travel, she enjoys discovering different cultures and their authentic cuisine.
Since August 2010, she has been living in the vibrant city of Toronto and is already having a real blast eating out and discovering all different kind of cuisine.

This “big dreamer”- as her friends like to call her – and somewhat idealist is nevertheless really close to reality and her senses when it comes to food, indulging herself into simple and tasty pleasures. In this blog, she will let you enter her inner world, full of imagination and flavor but will also leave you real addresses.
So, keep your belt unfastened and enjoy the ride!